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The FoxNest Veterinary Hospital
Updated 5/11/2023
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Great t-shirts,
hoodies and jackets!
All proceeeds benefit ARF!
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We are always in need of lightweight, easily washable blankets. Twin or double size is best, as our washer cannot hold quilts and king size items. Also, NO ELECTRIC BLANKETS OR SLEEPING BAGS can be used as they're not safe for dogs who chew.

We're also always in great need of towels of any size, from washcloths right up to bath towels. Also, our dogs could use some small, easily washable blankets as bedding, and new or gently used cat beds would be so appreciated. Thank you, as always, for your support of ARF!

1. DONATE!! Click on the link below to make a tax-deductible donation! 

2. Buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt: Stop by and see our great selection of tee shirts (long and short sleeve) as well as great quality sweatshirts and zip or no-zip hoodies. All proceeds from the sale of these goes directly to support Animal Rescue Fund, our no-kill, non-profit animal shelter. We have a variety of sizes and prints, so drop by ... prices range from $18 for short-sleeve T[shirts to $35 for a zip-front hoodie sweatshirt. Excellent quality and selection ... and these make great gifts, too, for animal loving friends and family!!

3. Please Give Money if you can: Any amount will be greatly appreciated...lots of clients give an extra $5 when they pay their bill...and it helps a lot. We also are pleased to announce that in addition to cash or checks, we have a brokerage account which enables us to accept stock donations! Call our office for more information!

4. We always need these items:
We use a lot of towels in our kennels and cat house, partly for cleaning but mostly for the pets to lay on. We also use a lot of bath mats, but we need things that can go through the washing machine in quantity. We have 6 washing machines going all the time trying to keep up with over 100 pets we sometimes have at the clinic and shelter.

5. If you give us canned pet food: we use it as treats for strays and sometimes for sick patients, so that would be a great gift. We have to be very careful, though, with changing dry dog food on our dogs lest we cause diarrhea, so dry dog food is not a great gift, but still, if you have a bag your dog doesn't like we will be grateful to have it, but don't go out and buy it...we'd rather have the money.

6. Give time and love: Our stray pets would love more walks and play time and especially just petting and touching...drop by when you have 20 minutes and ask to walk or play with the strays.

7. Give us your referrals: When the subject comes up, let people know that we have pets for adoption.

And let people know about our web sites:

8. If you enjoy yard work or gardening: consider helping us keep all our shrubs and garden areas maintained.  It's a big job keeping our grounds spruced up.  We have about 10 acres of woods, ponds, and trails where we walk and play with the dogs.

9.  Help us write grant requests asking foundations for their donations.

10.  Attend and get involved in our fund raising events.

11. Last ... but not least ... ADOPT!!

We're always grateful to have volunteers who want to donate their time and effort to our shelter. However, we need to have some simple rules in order to protect the safety and well-being of both our animals and our volunteers: