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Since 1/1/2019
FoxNest Veterinary Hospital
Here are photos and information about the dogs and puppies available for adoption at A.R.F. They like our shelter, but would love a home and human companion of their own. All canine adoptions include spaying or neutering, as well as current vaccinations. Call us at 864-882-4488* or come by for your new BEST friend!
* Please note the phone will be answered as "FoxNest Veterinary." Staff members will be glad to assist you with questions about our adoptable pets as time permits, but a visit to the Shelter is always the best way to determine which pet is the perfect fit for you!

We may have dogs that have not been added yet, but we update the website frequently, so come back often!
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Updated 5/11/2023
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Looking for a photo you saw that is no longer posted? When animals are adopted, we try to mark their photos with an "I've been adopted!" banner, but if space is needed on the website page, we may simply replace the photo of an adopted animal with a new adoptable pet.
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Our dog adoption fees have changed!
Dog adoptions are now $100.

Please note that we have not raised our adoption fees for over five years.
Due to rising costs of food, supplies, medical care and staff, we must take
these into consideration. Thank you for your loyal support of ARF!


Born 7-17-2014

We have a great new dog available for adoption! Grit is a neutered male retriever/lab mix who is about 9 years old. He's very smart, responding with alert posture and an attentive gaze when he hears his name, ready for whatever activity you have in mind. He adapts his walking pace to yours, as if he senses when you're ready for a brisk step or a more leisurely amble. Can you give this sweet older a fellow a home where he can live out his senior years at your side? Grit's adoption fee of $100 includes lab work, current vaccination, and a microchip.
Female Bulldog
Age: Uncertain

This friendly female bulldog was found wandering as a stray, and despite trying for several months to locate her owner, Judy remains unclaimed. Judy has a friendly temperament, but does not like other animals. We are also uncertain how she will interact with children, so are recommending Judy be adopted into a home without other pets or small children. Judy's adoption fee of $100 includes lab work, current vaccination, her upcoming spay procedure, and a microchip. Won't you give this sweet, smiley girl a loving new home?
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