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Since 1/01/2013
FoxNest Veterinary Hospital
Here are photos and information about the dogs and puppies available for adoption at A.R.F. They like our shelter, but would love a home and human companion of their own. All canine adoptions include spaying or neutering, as well as current vaccinations. Call us at 864-882-4488* or come by for your new BEST friend!
* Please note the phone will be answered as "FoxNest Veterinary." Staff members will be glad to assist you with questions about our adoptable pets as time permits, but a visit to the Shelter is always the best way to determine which pet is the perfect fit for you!

We may have dogs that have not been added yet, but we update the website frequently, so come back often!
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Updated 7/17/2017
Cats who need homes
Born 9-9-13

Meet Spot, a neutered male Treeing Walker Coonhound mix who is 3.5 years old. When Spot first arrived at ARF, he was the original "wild man," with little knowledge of good dog manners. However, he's come a long way. He's even gone home once or twice, but sadly has been brought back. Why, you ask? Well ... Spot is kind of like one of those people who look at children and say, "Ooooh, I love you so much I could just eat you up!" and then pretend to gnaw on the child's arm or hand ... Unfortunately, while this may seem cute or funny as a human personality trait, it's not quite so acceptable in a dog. You see, Spot gets so excited to interact with people, that he sometimes grabs them by the arm or ankle, and lightly chomps down. He's not vicious ... just a fellow who needs a parent's loving hand to teach him this behavior is not acceptable. We hope you might be just the person who can accept Spot with this minor flaw. As you can see in his photo, he definitely understands "Sit!" Won't you give this handsome boy the home he's been waiting for so long? Spot's adoption fee of $90 includes lab work, current vaccination, a microchip, and 6 months' worth of ProHeart heartworm preventative.
Born 8-19-2015

Don't you love the intense expression on sweet Spencer's face? This neutered male mix breed is about 1.5 years old. A better name for him might have been Houdini, as we've learned during his stay here at ARF that he is quite the escape artist, so whoever adopts him will need to be aware he can easily jump fences. But Spencer is sweet-natured, knows some basic commands, and when offered a treat, will take it politely from your hand. All in all, he's a great medium-sized dog, and should make a wonderful companion. Spencer's adopted fee is $90, which includes lab work, current vaccination, a microchip, and six months' worth of ProHeart heartworm preventative.
Born 5-24-2015

This sweet-faced girl is Dawn, a 2-year-old female miniature Doberman mix. She is very friendly and loving, but definitely will need work on her good doggie manners, as she does not as yet have much training in basic commands. Given her sweet temperament, however, we know this will be a labor of love. Dawn's adoption fee of $90 includes lab work, vaccinations, her spay procedure, a microchip, and six months' worth of ProHeart heartworm preventative.