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Since 12/01/2013
Born 8-28-13

Ghost is a spayed female grey tabby. She loves to snuggle when you get her out of her cage, and goes all around the room to explore. She doesn't like to be touched near her tail, but adores scratches and rubs on her neck and shoulder area. She plays with toys, but her favorite activity seems to be schmoozing! Ghost is current on lab work and vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $65.
"Raggedy Ann"
Born 5-13-09

This sweet-faced little girl, a spayed brown tabby, has what we like to think of as a roly-poly kind of figure: tiny little feet, and a little barrel belly. She's utterly charming! Raggedy Ann has had some rough times, but she's hoping soon that will all be behind her: in otherwise perfect health, the girl has only one tooth ... so will need to be fed a soft diet. Aside from that minor issue, she is curious, loves to explore, and likes to be petted, though is definitely anxious to get out of the cage where she's currently living! Won't you come and take this little doll into your heart and home? Raggedy Ann's adoption fee is $65. She is current on vaccinations.
Updated 7/30/15
Born 10-17-09

This pretty girl is Hannah, a friendly and loving dilute calico. Hannah was born on 10-17-09, making her about 5 years old. As you can see from alert expression, she isn't shy in the least, and is more than eager to make your acquaintance! Hannah's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, current vaccinations, and her spay procedure.
It's that time of year again ... kitten season, that is!
We have some great kittens currently available,
and soon will have a few more,
so come back often to see if one of these furr babies may be just the sweetie you've been waiting for!
"Gunther" (R)
and "Joey" (L)

These two sibling male orange tabbies are almost like twins ... except Joey has a little whitish bib. Otherwise, they're equally adorable, playful, and everything a kitten should be! Adoption fees for each kitten are $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and their spay procedures as soon as they're big enough. What the heck ... why not adopt them both, and they'll have instant playmates!
Born 3-20-15

This mellow fellow is Tony. A male orange tabby, he's like most kittens: he has  an abundance of energy and cuteness, though as you can see, he can relax on occasion! Tony's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and his neuter.
Born 6-30-14

Looking to add a little spice to your life? Then you might want to consider Pepper, a stunning little female Siamese mix. With her cream and gray coat and greyish blue eyes, she's a knockout. Pepper is a feisty girl who has already had a litter of kittens, then suffered from a post-birth infection, which has now cleared up completely. Her picture does not do her justice, but she had no desire to hold still for our photographer! If you want a cat with a bit of sass, Pepper could be perfect for you. Pepper's adoption fee of $65 includes lab work, current vaccinations, and her spay procedure.

Born 4-08-15

You wouldn't know it from this photo, but Tripod got off to a really rough start in life: someone threw him out a car window, injuring one of his rear legs so badly, it had to be amputated. Tripod was a champ through it all, and now he's every bit a normal kitten. He runs, he climbs, he plays ... and most of all, he didn't let circumstances change his big heart. He's a lovebug, and so eager to start exploring a world outside his cage. Won't you give Tripod the good life he so deserves? Tripod's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and neutering.

This laid-back-looking fellow is Jack, a male gray and white kitten who is about eight weeks old as of July 4. Don't be fooled, though ... Jackis full of vim and vigor, and loves to play with his littermate, Phoebe ... but he is really a snuggler, too. He tolerates all kinds of hugs and kisses, and gets along well with other pets. If a handsome, playful, huggable cat is what you're hoping for, then Jack definitely will appeal to you! Jack's adoption fee of $65 includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and neutering.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful girl? This female medium-haired tortoiseshell kitten is about 8 weeks old as of July 4, and her most favorite thing is playing with her littermate, Jack. But she loves to be held and snuggled, too ... so when you adopt Phoebe, you'll be getting a full package of wonderful. Phoebe's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and her spay procedure. Don't wait too long, or you'll miss out on opportunity to make this sweetheart part of your family!
Thanks! I've been adopted!!
Thanks! We've been adopted!!
Born 6-28-2014

This incredibly sweet girl is Abby. Abby arrived as a patient back in April of 2015. Since then, she's come a long way, but this girl has a slight neurological condition that causes her to tilt her head, she sometimes is a little off-balance, and her eyes are a bit unfocused. None of these problems affect her greatly, and her temperament is sweet and loving. When adopted, one of our vets will spend some time explaining Abby's condition, which will likely not improve, but hopefully will not worsen. If you have a big heart you'd like to share with this sweet girl, please stop by. Abby will make up in love for her slight disabilities. Abby's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and her spay procedure.
Born 3-16-2015

This beautiful female tortoiseshell is Dawn. She's sweet and affectionate, but will need to be an inside cat due to an injury: Dawn arrived under our care when she was found as a stray, and had a broken elbow. Because of the location of the break, it was not possible to splint the limb. However, it has healed well, and Dawn has only a slight limp. She is otherwise picture-perfect, as you can see. Dawn's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and her spay procedure.