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Updated 4/10/14
Since 12/01/2013
Black with White Bib
Age: 1.5 years
Kittens and "Tweens"
It's the time of year when we're getting in some brand new kittens, but we also have a number of "tweens" from last year's litters. Still only about a year old, these cats are full of vim and vigor, but are almost full grown. Whether you want a true kitten or just a younger cat, we can meet your needs! Stop in soon ... they grow fast!
Gray Tabby
Age: 1.5 year

A lovely young girl has joined the adorable adoptables here at ARF ... meet Sabrina, a 10-month-old spayed female. With her glossy black coat, golden eyes, and outstanding friendliness, she'll make an ideal companion for someone. As you can see in our photo, she's a chatty girl ... offering up a sweet "Meow!" to greet you when you approach her cage. She even is willing to let you clip her nails when needed ... now that's a laid-back cat! Sabrina's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work and initial vaccinations. Don't wait long ... she'll be gone!

Black - Age 1.5 year
Black & White
Age:  1 year

Ever had those moments when you're happy and sad at the same time? Well, that's how we felt when a recently-adopted cat, Fluffy, was returned to the shelter. Fluffy is a lovely and loving fellow, but the adjustment into a new home with a variety of children and pets proved difficult for him. Won't you give this gorgeous guy a chance again at life in his own place? Fluffy seemed to get along all right with the cats in cages near his at the shelter, so we suspect a slower introduction to new surroundings may be the key to a successful transition. Fluffy is neutered and current on all vaccinations, and his adoption fee is $65.
Siamese Mix

Sweet but shy Sam (as in -antha, not -uel) is a lovely 2-year old spayed Siamese mix breed. She had a loving owner who lost her home, and could no longer care for Sam. This poor girl is obviously a bit unsettled to find herself in a cage, but once restored to a loving home, you'll see how wonderful she is. Her markings are extraordinarily beautiful, including a chocolate brown face, lower legs and tail ... and she has the sweetest little kiss of white right on the tip of her tail, which matches the little white blaze between her eyes. Sam gets along well with other pets as well as children, and is very loving. Sam's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work and current vaccinations.

This girl is luxury feline-ified, if you'll allow us to make up a new word! Sleek and charming, she's full of energy and so eager to become a part of your life! Mercedes is about 5 months old, and her favorite pasttime is keeping a watchful eye to see when someone is going to come and play with her ... If you're looking for a cat with personality but no attittude, then stop by and visit Mercedes ... she's definitely top of the line! Mercedes' adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and her spay procedure.

Why not spice up your life a bit ... we have just the cat for you. Nutmeg is a 13-year-old spayed female brown tabby Maine coon. She's had a rough time lately, as her loving mistress passed away, and the husband had health issues that precluded him taking care of Nutmeg. So, she landed here at the Shelter and was really very unhappy. She is shy and needs an understanding person who will give her time to adjust by moving slowly and patiently with this older girl. A staff member will be more than happy to talk to you about how you can ease Nutmeg into new surroundings successfully. Nutmeg's adoption fee is $65. She is current on all her shots and lab work.

Talk about a gem! Diamond is a 7-month-old female long-hair tortoiseshell, and she sparkles! Lively and playful, she's friendly, too. She even has a little orange diamond marking, right in the middle of her forehead! If you want to add some bling to your life, check out this Diamond! Her adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and her spay when she's old enough.

In spite of her  square-ish name, Rectangle's got an angle: she's friendly, playful and oh-so-gorgeous with her longhair tortoiseshell markings. She loves to play with her sister, Diamond, and if you open the door to her cage, she's ready to come out and play. Rec is ready, willing and able to move right into your heart and home! Her adoption fee of $65 includes lab work, vaccinations, and her spay, as soon as she's old enough.

Just look at that adorable face, with it's little kissable nose! Sam is the third of our Hobbit-named cats, and he's got gorgeous light green eyes and a charming personality. Though it doesn't show in this photo, he is a white and gray-brown tabby, with a little white spot right in the middle of his back. He's friendly and playful, and would love to graduate from life in a cage to life in your home! Sam's adoption fee of $65 covers his lab work, initial vaccinations, including his neutering, already completed. Sam is 7 months old.
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