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Since 12/01/2013
Born 8-28-13

Ghost is a spayed female grey tabby. She loves to snuggle when you get her out of her cage, and goes all around the room to explore. She doesn't like to be touched near her tail, but adores scratches and rubs on her neck and shoulder area. She plays with toys, but her favorite activity seems to be snuggling! Ghost is current on lab work and vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $65.
Born 7-31-15

There's just one word that comes to mind when you see Moxie ... "Awww! So cute!" Well, that's three words, but you get the idea. This little bundle of fluff arrived in a box on our doorstep, but she doesn't let that slow her down. She's just a ball of cute fluff who loves to snuggle and play. Won't you help Moxie find her way into a loving home, which after her difficult start in life, she so deserves? Her adoption fee of $65 includes lab work, vaccinations, and her spay procedure.
Updated 11/25/15
Born 10-17-09

This pretty girl is Hannah, a friendly and loving dilute calico. Hannah was born on 10-17-09, making her about 5 years old. As you can see from alert expression, she isn't shy in the least, and is more than eager to make your acquaintance! Hannah's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, current vaccinations, and her spay procedure.
Born 3-20-15

This mellow fellow is Tony. A male orange tabby, he's like most kittens: he has  an abundance of energy and cuteness, though as you can see, he can relax on occasion! Tony's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and his neuter.
Born 10-9-14

This sweet-as-can-be mama cat was left, along with her kittens, in a box in our driveway, asking that we care for her and find her a good home. Momosa was one of the best kitty moms we've ever seen, and is calm and friendly and just an all-around love. Her kittens are weaned now, and Momosa is ready to go to a good home for a well-deserved rest! Momosa's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, vaccines, and her spay.
Born 5-06-15

Meet Rotini, a spayed female tabby born (like her brother, Orzo) about four months ago. Rotini is definitely on the shy side and will need patience and some time to get used to people. Though she hisses when you open her cage, she is not aggressive ... her hissing is a sign of fear. If you slowly move your hand over her head and scratch behind her ears, she gradually calms down and if you keep doing it long enough, she'll purr for you. Love takes time ... isn't that the saying? And it's always worth the effort ... won't you teach Rotini what love means?
Born 5-06-15

This intent little guy is Orzo, a male, neutered kitten who is about four months old. He's friendly, playful and outgoing, and sure would love a bigger place to play than his cage, which he is sharing with his sister, Rotini. Pretty please, with pasta on top, won't you adopt him??
"Emma Jean"
Born 8-8-10

You have to see Emma Jean to understand how outstandingly beautiful she is. Born 8-8-2010, she is about 5 years old and is spayed. Her soft-as-silk fur is a mixture of tortoiseshell on her back and sides and tabby coloring on her feet and head. She's a tabbytort ... no, she's a tortitab ... whatever you call her, she's gorgeous and friendly, and will make a wonderful addition to your home!
Born 10-07-07

Ladies and gentlemen, we're happy to present ... drum roll ... Mikey, back for another engagement. Well, we're actually kind of sad, as Mikey was adopted some time ago and has again found himself here at the shelter, looking for a new home. Mikey is a large white and ginger/gray tabby, born in October 2007, so is now about 8 years old. He's friendly and outgoing, but has a few special needs to accommodate his size, including making sure he has an extra large litter box that's easy to climb into. If you can manage that, everyone will be happy, and Mikey would be so glad to get back into a loving home! Mike is neutered and current on vaccinations. His adoption fee is $65.
"Raggedy Ann"
Born 5-13-09

This sweet-faced little girl, a spayed brown tabby, has what we like to think of as a roly-poly kind of figure: tiny little feet, and a little barrel belly. She's utterly charming! Raggedy Ann has had some rough times, but she's hoping soon that will all be behind her: in otherwise perfect health, the girl has only one tooth ... so will need to be fed a soft diet. Aside from that minor issue, she is curious, loves to explore, and likes to be petted, though is definitely anxious to get out of the cage where she's currently living! Won't you come and take this little doll into your heart and home? Raggedy Ann's adoption fee is $65. She is current on vaccinations.
Born 6-22-14

We'd like to introduce everyone to our newest adoptable girl, sweet Georgia. This playful, friendly tabby sports white socks and a white bib ... and a gorgeous, fluffy plume of a tail. She loves to romp and play ... so is quite eager to be adopted and get out of her cage. Once you see her, we guarantee you'll have Georgia on your mind! Georgia's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and her spay procedure.

Born 4-3-15
This silly guy is Chief. He's full of energy and the minute he's out of his cage, he'll explore every square inch his little paws can find! He really loves to play with his brother, Winston, and thinks you should adopt Winston, too, but it's not a must. Chief's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work and current vaccination. Chief is neutered.
Born 4-3-15
This picture absolutely does not do Winston justice ... He's a beautiful, glossy-coated bundle of purrs who especially loves to play with sibling and cagemate, Chief. Winston says he hopes whoever adopts him also take Chief, but it's not a must. Winston's adoption fee is $65, and includes lab work and current vaccinations. Winston is already neutered.
Thanks!! I've been adopted!
Thanks!! I've been adopted!
These five adorable kittens are all siblings, and arrived at ARF when they and their mom (since adopted) were left on our doorstep. Now that they're weaned and old enough, they're more than eager to get out of their cage and into a loving home! Each kitten's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations and their spay or neuter. The kittens were born 8-24-15.
I'm Inky!!
I'm Turtle!!
I'm Mango!!
I'm O'Malley!!
I'm Sylvester!!
Thanks!! I've been adopted!
Thanks!! I've been adopted!
Thanks!! I've been adopted!