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Since 9/01/2016
Updated 3/20/2018

Born 6-15-2017

Jax is a very handsome medium-haired black tabby, with two adorable white socks on his hind paws. He is a bit on the shy side, but when you persuade him to sit on your lap, you hear his purr begin to rumble within moments after you start petting him. We have no doubt that once he’s in a loving home, he’s going to blossom and grow into the love bug he’s longing to be. Jax’s adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, neutering, and a microchip.
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Born 6-15-2017

Meet Linus, the newest addition to our adorable, adoptable cats. Linus is a neutered male tabby. He is quiet and a little on the shy side, but we believe he just hasn't had a chance yet to warm up to people. However, he gladly sat in our volunteer's lap for quite a while, enjoying being petted, and he even behaved perfectly while getting his nails trimmed! Linus' adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, age-appropriate vaccinations, and a microchip.
Born 3-6-2017

Oh, my! What a handsome boy! This one-year-old neutered male is all white, and has one blue eye and one yellow ... and when he sets his eyes on you, your heart will go pitty-pat! Bo is friendly and longing to get out of his cage and into his forever home ... could it be yours? Bo's adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, and a microchip.
Born 7-27-2017

As you can tell from her wide pupils and slightly flattened ears, Miss Lucy was a little scared during her photo shoot. She will need someone with a bit of patience and lots of TLC to help her learn the meaning of love. That being said, in spite of her shyness, she does not hiss or scratch when you go to pet her, so we know that with time, she'll come around. She has the tiniest kiss of white under her chin ... maybe if you get up close and personal, you'll spot it! Lucy was born on July 27, 2017, so is currently about 6.5 months old. Won't you help Lucy learn the meaning of love?? Lucy’s adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, and a microchip. Lucy is spayed.

Born Approx. 8-17-2017

Charley is feeliing awfully lonely now that his two brothers have been adopted.  He's always had playmates, and now his cage seems very empty, and he has no one to snuggle with. Won't you take Charley home? His adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, age-appropriate vaccinations, neutering, and a microchip.
Born 10-5-2017

Sorry about the slightly blurriness of Smokey's photo ... this little guy, is a bundle of snuggles and energy, and simply wanted to hop down and explore, not sit still for a photo. He also is a snuggle bug, climbing right into your lap and putting his paws up on your shoulders to purr in your ear. Don't wait long, or Smokey will disappear ... Smokey’s adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, and a microchip. Smokey is neutered.
Thanks! I've been adopted!!
Thanks!! I've been adopted!!

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