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Born Approx. 1-1-2020

This picture doesn't begin to do justice to sweet Binx, a diminutive black beauty. This approximately 7-month-old female is adjusting well after being found wandering outdoors. She's not excited about living in a cage, but is still friendly and outgoing and we know given time, she'll learn inside is the place to be for belly rubs, snoozing, and everything a kitty needs! Binx's adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, a microchip, and her spay procedure.
Updated 10/19/2020
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"Little Kid"
Born 1-26-2015

Allow us to introduce Little Kid ... this male neutered shorthair, with his gorgeous all-white coat, is about five years old. He's a little shy here in our shelter setting, but we know once you give him some time to settle in, he's going to make a great companion! Little Bit's adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccine, and a microchip.
Born 6-11-2009

A picture can't really capture the sweetness of Oreo, an 11-year-old spayed female who was abandoned on our doorstep with some health issues. Oreo has come a long way and is doing much better, though she may continue to occasionally have bouts of constipation and need a dose of Vetacil. She also has difficulty grooming herself, so would love a person who could give her a hand with that! Oreo has so much love to give ... won't you open your heart and home to her? Oreo's adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, vaccinations, and a microchip.
"Oda Mae"
Born 10-9-2019

We couldn't resist using this funny photo of gorgeous 1-year-old OdaMae, a spayed female seal point. She seemed to be telling our photographer to hit the pike ... but she really is quite sweet! Just a bit on the shy side, we know OdaMae will warm up quickly when out of the shelter and in her very own home. OdaMae's adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccination and a microchip.
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Born 7-9-2020

Oh my - there are no words to describe how beautiful Parrot is, in all her calico glory! Found as a stray, this girl (born around July 9, 2020), is friendly and outgoing, and loves to chat to anyone who passes by her cage. However, she is Feline Leukemkia positive, which makes her more prone to infections and can affect the length of her life. Also, she must be the only cat in the home, must live indoors only, and cannot be around other cats. All that being said, she is currently hale, hearty and full of energy, and has so much love to offer for however long her life may be. Won't you consider giving this sweet, pretty girl a home? Parrot's adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, her spay procedure, and a microchip
Born 9-8-2019
Meet Vincent, a very intent-looking neutered male orange tabby, about a year old. VIncent is still settling in here at ARF, so was a little nervous about coming out of his cage for a photo. That's OK, Vincent - we've got you! Vincent enjoys a good head scratch, and is quite chatty. We know he'll come out of his shell in a loving home! Vincent's adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccination, and a microchip.
Born 9-20-2015
Oh my, oh my ... Callie is so stunningly beautiful! This 4-year-old medium hair spayed female calico is a little shy here in her new shelter setting, but willingly posed for her picture, and welcomed a nice scratch on her ears and neck. Like any self-respecting cat, she'll need some patience to help her settle into a new home, but even sitting across the room looking at her will be a pleasure! Callie's adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccine, and a microchip.
SANS - Born 7-27-2020
Born 8-26-2020

This adorable "pounce" - or group - of kittens are almost too much cuteness in one place. Playful and friendly, why not adopt two and give them built-in playmates! The $75 adoption fee for each kitten includes lab work, age-appropriate vaccinations, their spay or neuter procedure, and a microchip.

Don't wait too long, because these babies will be adopted quickly!

SANS - Male Tabby
BEERUS - Male Tabby
SHIVA - Female Calico
DEIMOS - Male Tabby
JOJO - Female Tabby
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