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Updated 1/23/15
Since 12/01/2013
Born 8-17-13
Talk about a gem! Diamond is a spayed female long-hair tortoiseshell, and she sparkles! Lively and playful, she's friendly, too. She even has a little orange diamond marking, right in the middle of her forehead! If you want to add some bling to your life, check out this Diamond! Her adoption fee is $65. She is spayed and current on vaccinations.

NOTE: As of Sept. 18, 2014, we'd like to request Rectangle and Diamond be adopted together. They really can't adjust to separation, but you'll be getting two very happy, loving cats ... and that's a win/win!
Born 8-17-13
In spite of her  square-ish name, Rectangle's got an angle: she's friendly, playful and oh-so-gorgeous with her longhair tortoiseshell markings. She loves to play with her sister, Diamond, and if you open the door to her cage, she's ready to come out and play. Rec is ready, willing and able to move right into your heart and home! Her adoption fee of $65.. Rectangle is spayed and current on vaccinations.

NOTE: As of Sept. 18, 2014, we'd like to request Rectangle and Diamond be adopted together. They really can't adjust to separation, but you'll be getting two very happy, loving cats ... and that's a win/win!
Born 7-14-03
Boots is a sweet, friendly fellow who just wants to be restored to a loving home ... hopefully with his old roommate, Socks. Boots had a loving person who sadly passed away, and then for a year he and Socks lived alone in the house, with people feeding them regularly. So ... he's more than anxious to get back to having someone to share his love with! Boots' adoption fee is $65. He is current on vaccinations and neutered.
Born 5-6-13
Sweet Little Lulu is a petite spayed female orange tabby. She looks like a kitten, but we assure  you -- she is fully grown! It's helpful to know that Lulu is extremely shy and needs to be approached slowly, giving her time to get to know you. Think of Lulu as an independent girl who needs to be left to decide for herself when (or if!) she'd like to sit on your lap. If you're good with a cat who might prefer being left to her own devices, Lulu would be perfect for you! Lulu's adoption fee is $65.
Born 8-28-13

Ghost is a spayed female grey tabby. She loves to snuggle when you get her out of her cage, and goes all around the room to explore. She doesn't like to be touched near her tail, but adores scratches and rubs on her neck and shoulder area. She plays with toys, but her favorite activity seems to be schmoozing! Ghost is current on lab work and vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $65.
Born 7-13-04
Socks is an older girl who lived most of her life with Boots, as well as a loving person. If you're looking for a mature female, let us tell you a few things about Socks: as a younger cat, she lived outdoors and suffered some (now-healed) injuries that left her sensitive to being touched on her back, so she would really rather you didn't pet her there. Also, she really wants to approach you on her own ... she's not a lap cat, and hopes you'll accept her for the beautiful but independent girl she is. If that sounds good to you, why not come and see Socks. She's got a lot of love left to share ... on her own terms. Socks' adoption fee is $65.
Born 7-31-14
Sweet little Ricky is about 3 months old, having been born July 31. His sisters, Janis and Bessy, were previously adopted, and he sure is lonely without them. Ricky is full of energy and playfulness, and with his medium-length fur, is absolutely stunning. Won't you stop by and see if you could offer Ricky the purrfect new home?
Born 6-04-14

Ahh, Marcus! A neutered male tabby, Marcus has corneal abrasions, for which he's been treated. They may occasionally need medication, but for the most part, they aren't an issue. Here's what you really need to know: As soon as you open Marcus' cage, he makes a little chirping noise and immediately climbs up on your shoulders for a hug. He is absolutely a love bug. When you put him in the cat playroom, he zooms around in circles, joyously chasing the balls ... he obviously has no problem seeing them ... once he's played for a few minutes, he'll come rub up against you, asking for more petting and hugs by chirping a bit more. Marcus is so loving and so much fun ... please come adopt him!! He's current on lab work and vaccinations, and his $65 adoption fee includes neutering as well.
Born 7-31-12

When you see this spayed black and white tuxedo cat, you think MJ is just a laid back girl. Guess again! Once she's in the play room, she goes crazy playing with the toys, especially the furry mouse! She grabs it, then wraps herself around the tiered scratching post, and turns herself into a twisting, batting, I'm-having-the-time-of-my-life kitty! She'll stop and come over for a little petting, then off she goes again, ready to play. MJ is like the perfect mix of playful and friendly, and is just waiting for the day she doesn't have to lie around all the time in her cage. Her adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work and vaccines. MJ has been spayed.

"Morgan" (L) and "Nebula" (R)
Born July 2, 2014

Meet these two female siblings! Morgan, at left, is a longhair girl and is as friendly as she is beautiful. Her sister Nebula, at right, is shorthaired and equally charming. These black and white beauties sure would love to be adopted together, but it's not a must. Each cat's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and their spay procedure. Don't miss out on a chance to have two gorgeous girls become your newest BFF's! (Best Feline Friends!)
Born 5-17-14

This picture absolutely does not do Sonny justice! This little guy is soft, silky, and gorgeous, glossy black. He loves to play with toys, but he's also one of those rare cats who doesn't mind when you clip his nails ... though by the time you're done his front paws, he's ready to be off playing again. But honestly, the front ones are the ones you most need to clip, so it's not a problem. Anyway, Sonny is like our best-kept secret ... won't you stop by and play for a few minutes with him? We know he'll win your heart! Sonny's adoption is $65, which includes lab work and current vaccinations. Sonny has been neutered.
Born 10-07-07

Big Boy Mikey, a neutered male, is a gorgeous orange, brown and white tabby mix. Weighing in at 25 pounds, he's a huge bundle of love. You wouldn't think given his size that he's playful, but he actually is! When he's in the playroom, he rolls on his back, bats at the balls, or chases a wand toy. He also loves to be brushed, which is good because he's so big, he has trouble grooming parts of himself. He was surrendered because his owner said he wasn't using his litter box, but we've discovered that giving him an extra-big box to accommodate his size seems to solve the problem.  Oh ... did we mention that Mikey likes to rub noses with you? Awww ... Mikey's adoption fee is $65, and he's current on his vaccinations.
Born 8-24-10

Pictures simply do not do Miss Panda justice! This gorgeous girl is just over four years old, and has been spayed. She's friendly and has the loveliest markings. She's a bit on the slender side, having been brought to the shelter in August with a leg wound, which has now healed nicely. Won't you give Panda a loving home? Her adoption fee is $65 and she is current on her vaccinations.

Born 8-24-10

Meet Foster, an extremely friendly and handsome 4-months old male tuxedo cat. Born July 22, he's ever-so-friendly ... as you can see by his contented attitude while being held during his photo shoot. Foster's adoption fee of $65 includes lab work, initial vaccinations, and his neutering.

Thanks! I've been adopted!
Thanks! I've been adopted!
Born 4-23-14

Alice is one lucky girl ... brought to FoxNest Veterinary recently with a large abscess in her cheek, her owner was ready to give up hope ... but Dr. Ross worked hard and was able to bring Alice back to full health ... and if you think she looks like a dreamy, laid back girl ... think again! This 8-month-old dilute longhair tortoiseshell has a decidedly spicy personality -- she'll swat at if you if she thinks you're not paying enough attention to her gorgeous self! Alice's adoption fee is $65, which includes lab work, current vaccinations, and her spay procedure.
Thanks! I've been adopted!
Thanks! I've been adopted!