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Since 9/01/2016
Updated 4/28/2017
Born 2-26-2016

With the expression on her face, wouldn't you guess this sweet girl's name was Hope? Well, she's actually Grace, but she is hopeful she'll be adopted soon! Grace is a 1-year-old spayed female tabby who is a little on the shy side, but friendly and willing to be coaxed into loving her special someone. Grace's adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccination, her spay procedure, and a microchip.

Born 3-3-2012

"Oh, my!" That's what our photographer said when she first saw this handsome fellow! Deuce is a big, friendly neutered tuxedo (black and white) medium hair. He's friendly and full of purrs, especially if you have some treats nearby, though (don't tell Deuce we said this), he could use a bit more exercise and a few less treats! This 5-year-old is already neutered and current on vaccinations. His $75 adoption fee will include a microchip as well. You have to see this absolutely gorgeous guy!!

Born 1-28-2016

This striking young girl is Cynthia, a gray and white female with distinctive spots of gray on her face. She's a little shy, but sweetly so. Given lots of love, she'll definitely bloom into your newest BFF. Cynthia's adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccination, her spay procedure, and a microchip.
Born 9-06-2016

This cute little fellow is Billy, who is a regular ball of energy. His favorite time of day is when someone lets him out of his cage in the play room, so he can dash from toy to toy, batting, swatting, and having a blast. But Billy also is a bit of a snuggle bug, as he's happy to sit in your lap for some cuddle time. Billy's adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccination, neutering, and a microchip.
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Born approx. 3-1-2016

Tiger Lily is a petite spayed female who recently had four little kittens, all now adopted ... so we're eager to see this sweet girl go to a loving home, too. Though a little shy, we're sure she'll bloom when she's in a loving home instead of a cage. Tiger Lily's adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccination, and a microchip.
Born 1-14-2016

This petite black and white cat – named Melody for her piano-key coloring – is sweet and loving, rubbing eagerly around your ankles to beg for a nice scratch, eager to be in your company. Not one of those cats who likes to be aloof, Melody will definitely play on your heartstrings! Melody’s adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, her spay, and a microchip.
Born 5-11-2015

With her unusual markings, Eve is a standout … her mostly white body, topped by her calico-colored tail and head immediately catch your eye. She’s a good girl, but is finding life at the shelter a bit unsettling. Offer her a few treats, speak in a quiet voice, though, and she settles right down. Eve seems to prefer a life that does not include dogs, however, so we suggest a family that is canine-free. Eve’s adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, vaccinations, her spay, and a microchip. Eve is about one year old.
Born 1-29-2012

This is Ella, a friendly 5-year-old female tabby. She has a little orange spot on the top of her head ... we like to think of it as her "Kiss me here" spot ... Ella can be adopted for $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, her spay procedure, and a microchip.

Thanks!! I've been adopted!
Thanks!! I've been adopted!