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Since 9/01/2016
Updated 5/18/2018

Born 6-15-2017

Jax is a very handsome medium-haired black tabby, with two adorable white socks on his hind paws. He is a bit on the shy side, but when you persuade him to sit on your lap, you hear his purr begin to rumble within moments after you start petting him. We have no doubt that once he’s in a loving home, he’s going to blossom and grow into the love bug he’s longing to be. Jax’s adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, neutering, and a microchip.
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Born 2-14-2018

Born on Valentine’s Day this year, Romeo is feeling a bit lonely now that his two siblings were adopted. Given his cuteness, hopefully he, too, will soon go to his loving new home. Romeo's adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, age-appropriate vaccinations, neutering, and a microchip.

"Lucy Lou"
Born 4-13-2013
Lucy Lou, a five-year-old spayed female, is at first very, very shy, and has had a bit of trouble adjusting to the sights and sounds of a shelter. However, if you take a few minutes to gently rub her neck and talk to her, she does warm up nicely, and even enjoys treats and toys, if offered. If you are looking for a diamond in the rough that you can love and care for, Lucy Lou's your girl. Lucy Lou's adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, and a microchip.
Born 5-12-2017

This handsome boy is Sylvester, a 1-year-old (born 5-12-2017) neutered male black and white domestic medium hair cat. He is a little shy, as he originally lived outside (note his ear tip, denoting he has been neutered). However, Sylvester seems eager to become an indoor kitty, and we know with some patient TLC, he’ll become a loving companion.
Born 8-30-2016

Providence is a 2-year-old spayed female, mostly black with a bib of white on her chest. She is very shy, though she does not hiss or swat, but withdraws when approached. We are quite sure Providence will adjust nicely given some time, love and understanding, and will make a loving companion.
Born 4-13-2012
This beautiful girl is Molly ... isn't she stunning? She's very shy and still getting used to a shelter setting, so her personality doesn't have the best chance to shine. However, our photographer reports that after spending a little time with Lucy Lou, petting her and talking to her, Lucy began to purr like a pretty motor boat, and even relaxed enough to enjoy the treats offered to her. Won't you give this girl the loving home she deserves? Molly is six years old and is spayed. Her adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, and a microchip.
Born 7-11-2017
This handsome fellow is Rascal. Born July 11, 2017, he's just shy of a year old ... and is also shy in personality! With a bit of sweet talk and a few treats, he's more than willing to get to know you. Rascal loves treats and toys, and will make a wonderful companion, as long as you're willing to give him some time to come out of his shell. Rascal's adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccination, his neuter procedure, and a microchip.

Born 4-14-2015
Boy, oh boy! Talk about sweet and loving ... Pumpkin is a large, orange tabby who could not be friendlier. Born on April 14, 2015, he's about three years old, and though ear-tipped (meaning at some point he was an outdoor, free roaming cat), he's definitely a home boy now. Trust us, you don't want to pass up on the chance to adopt Pumpkin! Pumpkin's adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, and a microchip. Pumpkin is neutered.
Thanks!! I've been adopted!!
Thanks!! I've been adopted!!
Thanks!! I've been adopted!!