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Since 9/01/2016
Updated 11/30/16
Born 1-14-2016

This petite black and white cat – named Melody for her piano-key coloring – is sweet and loving, rubbing eagerly around your ankles to beg for a nice scratch, eager to be in your company. Not one of those cats who likes to be aloof, Melody will definitely play on your heartstrings! Melody’s adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, her spay, and a microchip.
Born 2-14-2016

Meet Roger, a very sweet and loving, 8-month-old male DSH. With his soft, buff colored coat, he doesn’t look much like his brother, Snowflake … but he sure does miss getting to play with him and snuggle. Roger is just a tad shy, but no doubt he’ll come out of his shell once in a loving home. And … he wants to ask you, “Pretty please … won’t you adopt Snowflake, too? I really love my brother!” Though not a must, we’d love that, too! Roger’s adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccination, neutering, and a microchip.
"LIttle Buddy"
Born 8-10-2016

Meet Little Buddy, a gorgeous all gray male kitten born August 10. Here's the scoop on this handsome fellow: he is a bit frightened, and though he likes to be petted and purrs when you do so, he struggles when you try to pick him up. Also, he must be adopted into a home without dogs. With time and patience, we're quite sure Buddy will learn to enjoy more human interaction. Buddy needs also to be an inside cat. Oh -- did we mention that he has no tail?? That doesn't keep him from being a star! Little Buddy's adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations, his neutering, and a microchip.
Born 9-20-2016

This charmer is (we think!) Timone ... he's one of four identical kittens born on September 20. There are two males still waiting to be adopted, and TImone's brother is as cute as this little guy. The adoption fee for each kitten is $75, which includes lab work, initial vaccinations,  neutering, and a microchip.
Born 10-9-2015

Snowball is a neutered male cat with beautiful white fur and blue eyes.  About a year old, he’s quite laid back … while undergoing his intake waiting time, he was in an area of the shelter where dogs were in cages on every side of him, and Snowball just took it all in stride, purring whenever anyone approached. He’s got a little round belly lends some credence to his name, but trust us … the only thing that will be melting around Snowball will be your heart! Snowball’s adoption fee of $75 includes current vaccination and a microchip.
Born 11-10-2015

Cameo is as lovely and sweet as she sounds: a cream and white medium hair female who is a year old, Cameo loves to be petted, and has a calm temperament.  She seems to take everything in stride, whether it’s dogs barking in the cage next door, or a new person snapping photographs of her … it’s all good in Cameo’s book. Won’t you give this beautiful girl a loving home? Cameo’s adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, vaccination, her spay procedure, and a microchip.
Born 10-8-2015

Poor Taz was found wandering around a neighborhood, and a kind Samaritan caught him and brought him to ARF for exam and adoption. He is a lovely long hair male tabby, about one year old. He is friendly and likes to be petted, and we believe will adapt well to indoor living. Taz’s adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, current vaccinations, neutering, and a microchip.
Born 2-14-2016

This very, VERY handsome boy is Snowflake, a male DSH who looks like a Christmas decoration come to life with his silky white fur and glowing golden eyes. This boy is a little on the shy side, and a bit lonely, too, as his brother and BFF (best feline friend) Roger is now in a cage next door, rather than them being able to snuggle together. However, it’s all good … and while we’d love to see the two adopted into one family, it’s not a must. But, boy, it sure would make them happy!! Snowflake’s adoption fee is $75, which includes lab work, current vaccination, neutering, and a microchip.

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Born 5-11-2015

With her unusual markings, Eve is a standout … her mostly white body, topped by her calico-colored tail and head immediately catch your eye. She’s a good girl, but is finding life at the shelter a bit unsettling. Offer her a few treats, speak in a quiet voice, though, and she settles right down. Eve seems to prefer a life that does not include dogs, however, so we suggest a family that is canine-free. Eve’s adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, vaccinations, her spay, and a microchip. Eve is about one year old.
Male/3 years old

You're no bunny 'til some bunny loves you ... so why not adopt Mort, and be his somebunny? This soft-as-silk brown bunny is a little startled to find himself in a shelter setting, but he's well behaved and seems happy to allow you to pick him up, as long as you remember to support his hind legs -- always a must when handling a bunny. Mort's adoption fee is $30, and he will need a cage, as he does not come with one.
Born 4-24-08

Sweet Georgia seems to be exactly what Ray Charles had in mind when he wrote his classic song by the same name. This girl is a little unsettled to find herself in a cage, as she used to have a loving home ... but she's eager to be friendly, enjoys having her thick coat combed, and is extremely "chatty," meaning she meows as if she's having a conversation with you! Georgia is spayed, current on vaccinations, and her $75 adoption fee also includes a microchip.
Born 7-28-13

Molly sure knows how to strike a pose, doesn't she? This spayed female dilute calico is a front-paw declaw, so must be an indoor cat. She is about three years old, born in July of 2013, and is very talkative. She had quite a conversation with the photographer while sitting for her glamour shot! Won't you give this girl a home with a nice, big window, where she can posture and preen to her heart's content? Molly’s adoption fee of $75 includes lab work, vaccination, and a microchip.
... and a Christmas bunny!