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Since 12/01/2013
Born 8-28-13

We're not sure how Ghost keeps being passed by when people visit ARF ... but she's been here longer than any of our other cats. We're hoping that 2016 -- and sooner rather than later -- will bring a home for this sweet girl! Ghost is a spayed female grey tabby. She loves to snuggle when you get her out of her cage, and goes all around the room to explore. She doesn't like to be touched near her tail, but adores scratches and rubs on her neck and shoulder area. She plays with toys, but her favorite activity seems to be snuggling! Ghost is current on lab work and vaccinations, and is spayed. Her adoption fee is $65.
Updated 4/30/16
Born 5-06-15

Meet Rotini, a spayed female tabby born (like her brother, Orzo) in May, 2015. Rotini is a little on the shy side and will need patience and some time to get used to people.   Love takes time ... isn't that the saying? And it's always worth the effort ... won't you teach Rotini what love means? Rotini is spayed and current on her vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $65.
Born 5-06-15

This intent little guy is Orzo, a male, neutered cat born in May 2015. He's friendly, playful and outgoing, and sure would love a bigger place to play than his cage, which he is sharing with his sister, Rotini. Pretty please, with pasta on top, won't you adopt him? Orzo is current on vaccinations, and his adoption fee is $65.
Born 10-07-07

Ladies and gentlemen, we're happy to present ... drum roll ... Mikey, back for another engagement. Well, we're actually kind of sad, as Mikey was adopted some time ago and has again found himself here at the shelter, looking for a new home. Mikey is a large white and ginger/gray tabby, born in October 2007, so is now about 8 years old. He's friendly and outgoing, but has a few special needs to accommodate his size, including making sure he has an extra large litter box that's easy to climb into. If you can manage that, everyone will be happy, and Mikey would be so glad to get back into a loving home! Mike is neutered, front-paw declawed, and current on vaccinations. His adoption fee is $65.
Born 1-28-08

Rosie is almost exactly eight years old, and is a very sweet, laid back spayed female. She is friendly and approachable, and enjoys being petted. Her fur is soft and a mixture of muted grays and whites. Rosie will make someone an excellent companion ... won't you give her a loving home? Rosie's adoption fee is $65. She is current on vaccinations and already spayed.
Born 1-27-2013

This very pretty spayed female tuxedo cat is just a little over three years old, and though Candy is shy at first, she purrs when you pet her and we know that if you give her time and lots of TLC, she’s going to be as sweet as … well (we can’t resist!) … Candy! Candy’s adoption fee of $65 includes current vaccinations.
Age: Approx. 1-2 Years

This stunningly handsome fellow is Bowie, a neutered male recently surrendered to ARF. He is about a year to two years old, by our "guesstimate," and is friendly and outgoing. Bowie's adoption fee is $65, and he is current on vaccinations.
Born 4-15-2011
Maddie is a lovely white and gray female spayed tabby who is about five years old. She is a four-paw declawed cat, so adopters will need to keep her indoors, as she has no ability to defend herself if placed outside. Maddie is sweet and friendly, though she prefers you take a little time to get acquainted before picking her up. Won’t you give Maddie the loving home she is waiting for? Maddie’s adoption fee of $65 includes current vaccinations.
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Born 10-15-12

This super-sweet spayed female may be tiny, but she has great personality! Chinsea arrived at ARF last fall hugely pregnant, and ended up having seven kittens, all of whom were gray just like their mom. They're all adopted now, and Chinsea is ready to move out of her cage and into a loving home. We know she'll make a friendly and outgoing addition to any home, and hope to send her off soon! Chinsea's adoption fee is $65, and she is current on her vaccinations.
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