Resource Links

  • cats – This site has articles, guides, photos, and links for feline care and appreciation. 

  • Cat Guide – Animal Planet’s definitive guide to cats. Find the answer to questions about your cat’s health, behavior, training, and safety.

  • Cat Humor – This site is sure to bring a smile as you explore the amusing side of cats. 

  • Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports – The Freedom Train is a mode of free, volunteer-based transportation designed to rescue animals from high kill shelters and abusive/neglectful situations, and transport them to screened and approved rescues and forever homes.

  • Hoosier Cats – Links to assist you with many aspects of raising, helping, and adopting cats.  There is also information on feline behavior, medical and health care, and breeds.

  • 1-800  – This non-profit adoption advertising charity has pictures of pets for adoption plus an excellent search engine that helps locate shelters and pets that need loving homes by distance from a specific zip code. 
Animal Welfare Organizations

The links below direct you to shelters and other feline resources 
that are within an approximate 50-mile radius of Seneca, SC.  
Click on the letter corresponding to the name of the town you wish to view:
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Upstate SC
  • Concerned Citizens for Animals – CCA is a non-profit animal shelter/rescue group. whose concerns include the increasing overpopulation of dogs and cats, the mistreatment and neglect of some pets, and the sad existence of so many stray and abandoned animals in the upstate of South Carolina.  There are CCA groups in Simpsonville and Pickens.
Alto, GA 
  • Kat 5 Animal Rescue - Georgia Division – This group is comprised of volunteers from across the country who came together in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to rescue animals.  KAT 5 Animal Rescue intervenes to protect animals when a natural or man-made disaster strikes.

Anderson, SC  
  • Anderson County Animal Shelter – This shelter that offers both cats and dogs for adoption works closely with animal rescue programs and the Anderson County Humane Society.   

  • Anderson County Humane Society – This private, not-for-profit animal welfare organization does not euthanize any animals and keeps them in individual foster homes until they are adopted.  They also try to help place animals from the Anderson County Animal Shelter. 

  • 4Petsake Animal Rescue – This organization is committed to adopting as many healthy animals as possible, and through education and action, prevent cruelty to animals.

  • Pups, Persians, and Pits – This dedicated group of people is trying to save as many lives as possible. Most of the animals they get are in danger of losing their lives from either illness that a shelter can not afford to treat or from lack of space at the shelter. 

Belton, SC

  • Upstate Animal Rescue of South Carolina – This group is working toward lowering the rate at which dogs and cats are being put to death in the local animal shelters by assisting animals into breed specific rescues as well as into adoptive placements. This is primarily done by the use of foster homes as intermediaries.

Until you have loved an animal, 
part of your soul remains unawakened.

Seneca, SC  
  • Animal Rescue Fund of South Carolina – ARF is a no-kill, non-profit rescue shelter for dogs and cats.  ARF’s mission is to save the lives of pets that have been abandoned to fend for themselves, to make those pets in their care healthy, comfortable, and loved until a responsible new home can be found for them, and to encourage responsible pet care.

  • Golden Corner Animal Guardians – GCAG provides shelter, training, vetting and new homes for the less fortunate companion animals that find themselves in our area shelter or are victims of abuse and/or neglect.  

  • Oconee County Humane Society – Their mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by providing shelter for unwanted animals; develop educational programs for responsible pet ownership; conduct spay and neuter programs; place adopted animals in humane environments and advocating the humane treatment of animals.

  • Seneca Animal Hospital – Seneca Animal Hospital, besides offering veterinary care to upstate South Carolina, tries to help abandoned, stray, and homeless animals. However, space is limited.

Simpsonville, SC
  • Concerned Citizens for Animals – See the first listing on this page under "Upstate SC."  

Spartanburg, SC  
  • Alive and Well Animal Rescue – This non-profit, no-kill shelter provides a safe and habitable place for the dogs and cats that are rescued and brought to the Sanctuary.  Food and shelter are provided on a free-range 22-acre facility located in Spartanburg, SC.

  • Animal Allies Spay/Neuter Clinic – Animal Allies is focused on ending pet overpopulation in and around the upstate area of SC through high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter services for cats and dogs.   

  • Spartanburg Humane Society – This organization is dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare throughout Spartanburg and surrounding areas. Their goals are making the community a safer place for people to live, preventing cruelty to animals, and educating the public in proper animal care, especially the neutering of pets.

Toccoa, GA  

Walhalla, SC  
  • Oconee Pets – This adoption agency for cats and dogs is a service of the Oconee County Sheriff’s Animal Control Unit.

Mauldin, SC 
  • Hugs for Hounds – This shelter has a large variety of puppies, and they take in a lot of dogs that are too old for most families to want. These wonderful folks also place homeless cats and kittens.

Pickens, SC  

  • Pickens County Animal Control – The mission of the Animal Control Department is to enforce Animal Control Laws and Ordinances and provide care for the animals being held at the Animal Control Pound.

Look --
He finally caught a mouse!

Greer, SC  

  • LuvaPaw Animal Shelter – This is a no-kill animal shelter that operates completely off of adoption fees, donations and fund-raisers. They rescue all sizes and all breeds of cats and dogs as space and foster homes allow.

Laurens, SC   

Lavonia, GA   
  • Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter – This is an open admission, non-profit shelter, supported financially by private donations and funds from eight city and county jurisdictions. They strive to get all their animals adopted and often work with rescue groups and other local shelters to achieve this.

Liberty, SC

We need a friend!

Danielsville, GA
  • Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter – MOAS provides housing and nourishment for and adopts out stray, abused and otherwise unwanted animals.  They accept surrendered animals from Madison and Oglethorpe counties only.

Easley, SC
  • KitsNKats – This rescue group tries to make a difference one kitty at a time.   They bring over 30 years of experience rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens in Upstate South Carolina.   Rather than using a  physical shelter, they rely upon a network of experience foster homes who can give the kitties the one on one attention they need. 

 Glenville, NC
  • Friends for Life – Friends for Life is a group that fosters animals, often with "special needs,” in their homes. The animals are all neutered, vaccinated and their special health needs met.

Greenville, SC  
  • Feline Urgent Rescue – F.U.R. rescues homeless cats, ferals and unwanted cats, does vet work, spays and neuters, and puts the kitties up for adoption through PetsMart.

  • Greenville Humane Society – This organization has helped promote and improve the quality of life and humane treatment of animals since the 1800’s.  It operates a full-service animal shelter and strives to place healthy animals with responsible and caring individuals.

  • Pet Haven of South Carolina – PHSC offers shelter, care and sanctuary at their NO-KILL facility for abandoned, abused and/or neglected cats, dogs, and horses as well as - if the need arises - other domestic animals as well as feral cats/stray dogs.  They are an all-volunteer organization and a federally recognized public non-profit organization.

  • Sable Rescue, Inc. – This organization pulls animals under death sentence from animal control and shelters that do not have room for them any longer and keeps the animals until a home can be found for them. They also help with TNR programs for feral cats.

  • Speak for Animals – A non-profit organization that is dedicated to enhancing the welfare of animals, this group’s goal is to work with animal owners to educate them to take better care of their animals, to break the cycle of animal cruelty/neglect through humane education to kids, and advance legislation to make animal cruelty crimes strongly punishable. 

I'm innocent!  
Please give me a loving home.

Clayton, GA

Clemson, SC
  • Clemson Animal Welfare Society – The main objectives of CAWS, an organization of Clemson students, are to educate the Clemson campus and community about pet overpopulation, the importance of spaying and neutering their pets, and adopting animals at animal shelters and proper pet care.  They have “adopted” a local shelter in Liberty called Foothills Animal Shelter

Cleveland, GA
  • Smithgall Woods Humane Society/Animal Shelter – Their ongoing mission is to find permanent homes for their furry little friends.  Their goal is to make the adoption experience a pleasant and educational one for the adopter while placing a pet in a home where it is likely to succeed.  

Colbert, GA
  • Colbert Veterinary Rescue Services, Inc. – This organization that provides refuge and care for abandoned, sick, and injured dogs and cats in Madison County, Georgia and the surrounding area. They try very hard to match each pet for the home that would be best for them.

Commerce, GA
  • Humane Society of North Georgia – This adoption service for cats and dogs that need homes also provide discount spay/neuter certificates to rescuers and pet owners. They specialize in small dogs and housebroken family pets and have a soft spot for senior animals.

Cullowhee, NC
  • Catman2 Inc – This is the largest and most advanced no kill cat’s only shelter in Western North Carolina. They rescue cats from government shelters, homes, and as strays. They are a limited admission facility, so they try to work with friendly adult cats only.
Updated 4/16/2011